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Postpartum Doula

What is a Postpartum Doula?

A Doula is there to take care of the mother, as well as the whole family, with adjusting to life with a new baby. Doulas offer physical and emotional support for the whole family – mom, baby, and partners - individually, and as a unit. They also there to help mother recover from birth. Doulas are a non-judgemental, loving right hand for the new parent, providing support and evidence-based care. Whether it’s tips or assistance on how to change, bathe, feed, or help baby sleep, to taking care of mom, giving her time to rest, establishing and practicing self-care after child birth, or cooking a loving meal while new parents bond with their baby, your postpartum doula is there to nurture and foster it all.


Postpartum Doula Services Provide:

- Helping Mother Heal Physically After Birth


- Emotional Support for Mother & Family

- Evidence-Based Information and Support


- Soothing Techniques


- Breast or Bottle Feeding Support


- Insight Into Newborn Behavior


- Practical Support & Newborn Care


- Helping all members of the family adjust to baby

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