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Newborn Care Specialist

What is a

Newborn Care Specialist (NCS)?

A Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) is a trained and skilled caregiver who specializes in newborn care.  The sole role of the NCS is to take care of the newborn. They provide unique expertise in all aspects of newborn care including,  fostering healthy sleep habits, establishing and maintaining a schedule for baby, feeding support (ie. breast, bottle, and transitioning from breastmilk to formula), as well as being there to nurture and foster the newborn in this delicate time in their developmental process.

NCS Services Provide:

- Primary Care for the Newborn

- Sleep Conditioning and Sleep Training

- Feeding Support (eg. Breast and Bottle)

- Assisting in Baby’s Transition to a Consistent Schedule

- Documenting and Logging Baby’s Patterns

- Insight into newborn patterns and behaviors

- Typically an overnight is a 12 hour shift,

ie 6:30pm-6:30am 


NCS at Night / “Night Nurse”

NCS during the Day / “Baby Nurse”

Newborn Care Specialists will generally work night shifts managing the baby’s care while the parents sleep restfully. When the baby wakes up, the Newborn Care Specialist feeds by bottle or brings the baby to the mom for nursing. After feeding, the baby is burped and changed and put back to bed.

*Please note than a Newborn Care Specialist is not a registered nurse or a medical professional, and cannot provide medical advice. 

During the daytime a Newborn Care Specialist will continue to keep baby on their schedule and track patterns. They will also provide basic newborn care in feeding, changing, and sleep conditioning, while also striving to create a nurturing and developmentally stimulating environment for the baby during waking hours.

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