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Infant Nanny

What is an Infant Nanny?

An Infant Nanny is a caretaker who specializes in the care of children ranging from 3-18 months of age. 

Nannies are more than babysitters. They love, nurture, educate, and facilitate day-to-day, as well as special activities, to aid in furthering the child’s growth and developmental process. A nanny can be one of the most important choices and precious gifts that a parent can give their child.

Allie Faythe Nanny NCS Doula

Infant Nanny Services Provide:

- Primary Child Care

- Facilitating Infant Growth and Developmental Process

- Organize and Plan Enriching Experiences and Activities

- Introducing Solids and Cooking for Child

- Child’s Laundry

- Light Housekeeping

- Errands Upon Request

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